Blistered Foot

Blisters at the Feet

Blisters are painful, fluid-filled lesions, often caused by friction and pressure. The most common cause is repeated rubbing from Ill-fitting footwear and socks, and excessive moisture between the foot and the sock. Blisters can also be caused by Foot deformities, and be of concern to those with exisiting conditions such as Diabetes. If you suffer from one of these conditions please refer to your podiatrist for advice.

How to Prevent Blisters

As blisters are a result of friction there are a number of simple techniques that can prevent your walking, running or social activity being ruined by a blister:

  • Wear comfortable, good-fitting footwear especially on long walks or runs.
  • Wear good walking socks in the right size, look for ones made of fibres with good ‘wicking’ properties. Try wearing socks inside out to prevent the seams rubbing. Change your socks daily!
  • Some walkers and runners wear special ‘dual layer’ socks. The inner layer moves with the foot, the outer with the shoe – eliminating friction at the skin surface. Ensure you change to a fresh pair after they become damp.
  • Keep your toenails trim
  • If your feet get very sweaty there are products that can help control excessive moisture. Your podiatrist can tell you about these.
  • Quickly remove any foreign bodies from your socks and boots